Standard Contractual Clauses

The European Commission has so far issued two sets of standard contractual clauses for transfers from controllers to controllers established outside the EU/EEA and another set for transfers to processors also established outside the EU/EEA.​

1. “(EU-)controller to (Non-EU/EEA-)controller”

2. “(EU-)controller to (Non-EU/EEA-)processor” 

The Commissioner encourages the use of standard contractual clauses in order to ensure that the rights of individuals are safeguarded even in countries which do not ensure an adequate level of protection. Where standard contractual clauses are used, no authorisation from the Commissioner is required.  

For more detailed information on model clauses you may access a dedicated section​ on the European Commission's website.

Appropriate safeguards may also be introduced, subject to the authorisation of the Commissioner:

1) by means of ad-hoc contractual clauses; or

2) in the case of public bodies, by means of provisions inserted in administrative arrangements.​ 

Transfers by way of Appropriate Safeguards