Launch of Coordinated Enforcement Action on the Right of Access

Launch of Coordinated Enforcement Action on the Right of Access

 Date : 30 April 2024


The Information and Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC) is pleased to announce its participation in the European Data Protection Board’s 2024 Coordinated Enforcement Framework (CEF). 28 Supervisory Authorities (SAs) across the European Economic Area are taking part in this initiative which this year is focusing on the implementation of the “Right of access by data subjects” in accordance with Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  


The “Right of Access” is at the heart of data protection, one of the most frequently exercised data protection rights and which SAs receive numerous complaints about. In particular, the exercise of this right enables individuals to check whether their personal data is processed in a compliant manner by organisations. In addition, it often enables the exercise of the other data protection rights, such as the right to rectification and erasure.


The IDPC is taking part in this action by sending questionnaires to data controllers across the private sector as a fact finding exercise. The results will be aggregated and analysed in a coordinated manner, leading to a European-wide report to promote compliance and raise awareness on this data subject right.


This action is the third initiative under the CEF which aims to streamline enforcement and cooperation among DPAs.



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