Legal Counsel

Role Description

The Legal Counsel is directly accountable to the Deputy Commissioner and is responsible to ensure the implementation and enforcement of the relevant provisions of the freedom of
information legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation as nationally implemented under the Data Protection Act.

The Legal Counsel shall also be responsible to provide the necessary technical, legal and any other form of support that may be required by
the Commissioner for the purpose of exercising his tasks and duties under the GDPR.

Main Responsibilities

● Develops and implements effective controls to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation;

● Provides the required legal advice and assistance to the OIDPC;

● Develops research and assessment initiatives required for determining the implications of existing or proposed legal requirements;

● Represents the OIDPC in any legal proceedings and before the Appeals Tribunal, the Court of Appeal or in any civil, criminal or other case, as may be required;

● Replies to general queries, investigates complaints lodged with the OIDPC and formulates draft decisions;

● Carries out regular research of national and EU case-law, in particular judgments delivered by the ECHR, which may be applicable in the legal considerations of a

● Cooperates with the relevant entities and local authorities on data protection matters;

● Takes part in announced on-site inspections which are carried out as part of the technical investigation of a complaint;

● Participates in regular meetings held with the various sectors and contributes towards the development of guidelines and suitable codes of conduct;

● Delivers lectures and presentations and participates in awareness raising programmes as may be necessary;

● Collaborates and exchanges information with supervisory authorities of other countries and participates in joint programmes, meetings and conferences, both in Malta and abroad;

● Proposes innovations and improvements to the current practices and systems with the objective to enable the OIDPC to achieve better and more effective results in its

Qualifications/Skills Required

● A law degree (LL.D.) and a warrant to practice law in Malta;

● Good knowledge and understanding of the GDPR, EU directives and relevant national laws on the protection of personal data;

● Good judgment and ability to set priorities and formulate decisions;

● Ability to prepare reports and translate results;

● Ability to lead and participate as a member of a team;

● Proficient in office automation tools, particularly MS Word and Excel;

● High level of interpersonal, written and oral, skills, particularly, in the Maltese and English languages;

● Displays a good level of initiative, effort, and commitment towards attaining results;

● Oriented to develop a career in this specific area of law.


● Maintains a close working relationship with the OIDPC’s other units to facilitate a cohesive and integrated approach in the Office’s operations and the ultimate
fulfillment of its objectives.


● Strives to be well informed and up-to-date on emerging legal policy, issues, and procedures as these may affect the operations of the OIDPC.


● Adopts a professional approach with third parties, particularly during meetings;

● Implements and enforces the OIDPC’s decisions;

● Shows leadership skills for the effective achievement of the OIDPC’s objectives and strategies;

● Adheres to internal policies and procedures.

Working Conditions:

May be required to work beyond normal office hours and may be required to represent the Office in meetings, conferences and other fora in Malta and abroad.


Discharges such other responsibilities as may, from time to time, be assigned by the Commissioner.

How to apply:

Interested candidates may submit a detailed CV together with an application letter to [email protected] 

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