Accessibility Statement

The Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office (IDPC) is committed to make its online services accessible to everyone and strive to improve them on a continuous basis. We do this by adopting best practices as communicated by the relevant stakeholders, namely FITA.


The IDPC website has been designed to operate with the multiple web browsers such as Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. It is also a responsive website, which self-adjusts to be viewed on mobile devices across different platforms, such as iOS for Apple, Android for most smart phones, and Microsoft mobile operating systems. Accessibility standards EN310549 and WCAG2.1 guideline were used for the creation of the webpage.

Further recognising that adherence to standards and guidelines, cannot on its own ensure that a product or service is accessible, we also carry out usability evaluations in collaboration with our contractor and gather users’ feedback to assist us in this process.

Implemented measures

Our website has an embedded ad-hoc accessibility module which is available on all the pages of the website and provides the user with a list of accessibility tools to customise his or her browsing experience as deemed appropriate. This module may be accessed by clicking on the icon located on the middle left-hand side of the screen. The options incorporated in this module include:

1. Maintain a consistent HTML Heading hierarchy and information layout across different web pages.
2. Information content is organised into HTML lists wherever applicable.
3. Mouse Pointer change icon when a link if hovered through Browser’s functionality.
4. Maximise colour contrast for text where applicable.
5. Increase and decrease text as preferred by the user.
6. Capable of grayscale the entire webpage.
7. Change in high contract and negative contrast.
8. Increase and decrease the light background.
9. Links are underlined.
10. Change fonts to readable font.

Continuous improvement

We are not aware of specific inaccessible content or accessibility issues on our website. In the event that you identify any similar content, you are encouraged to let us know via our contact e-mail address [email protected] . All suggestions will be considered and evaluated in a constructive effort to ensure that our website complies with the accessibility requirements.


The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is the entity responsible for implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2016 on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies. In case your ICT accessibility related query is not addressed or you wish to lodge a formal complaint, you may do so by contacting the MCA by filling the online complaint form.

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